While lacking the firepower and protection of a Defiant or a Diligent, the Aquarius is deadly nonetheless.
Tactical: Four primary arrays (2 lateral, 1 forward, 1 aft Range of 18 Light Years.
One is designated for each of the ten planned Odyssey class ships, while additional units are planned for each of Starfleet's facilities, and others for general fleet use.November: Environmental systems designed.Build posts with major omissions (or any posts that do not otherwise meet standards) may be removed at moderator discretion and their authors asked to repost more completely or in the Megathread.Main Discord for r/sto ; simply join it and navigate your way.Vessel passes are tests and reviews, exceeding expectations.Technical Specifications for Aquarius class ships expected duration: 10 years time between resupply: 1 month time between refit: 2 years category: Light Escort/Scout/Patrol, personnel: officers: 6 enlisted crew: 16 marines: 4 passengers: 0 Speed: cruising speed: Warp 6 maximum speed: Warp.2 emergency speed: Warp.Build posts are only effective when clearly communicated.Computer becomes self aware.Players can obtain the vessel through the Shipyard for 200,000, as long as the player's has a Tier IV shipyard.Effort is paramount here in communicating your builds and ideas.Reading the entire sidebar is required before posting.The Aquarius class is also capable of atmospheric flight and is equipped with landing struts.In his report he recommended that not only should each and every Starfleet Starbase, Facility, and Installation be assigned at least two for defense but Starfleet Carrier class ship be assigned at least one too.Minor redesign needed and pass reviews.While other formats (such as STO Academy links) are not prohibited, the preferred STObuilds template format went through considerable community effort to ensure completeness and clarity.Admiralty Ship, admiralty Ship.5x Critical Rating from ENG and SCI.Each array can be set long, medium, or short range.
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The items provided are appropriate to the type of vessel and its related playing style.