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Can it learn from other religions characterized by a canadiske voksen dating more respectful attitude toward nature?
Andrew's Biblical Theological Institute organized the International Conference "Cosmology and Faith: A Key to Interconfessional Dialogue".
That is why it is so important to discuss the ways in which religion, the media and civil society can and should interact.Thomas Institute (Moscow) together with.We congratulate Irina and wish her many happy and fruitful years to come!The case is tied to a prostitute connected to both the councilman and a Latino gang leader terrorizing the few remaining residents of the near-deserted section of New Orleans East.Happy Easter to you and your family as we celebrate our Fathers greatest sacrifice through his Son, Jesus Christ.Father Alexander Men a remarkable priest and preacher, was actively engaged in Christian baby køn forudsigelse usg enlightenment and catechization of the newly converted.What is the peculiarity of the Russian situation?The aim of the forthcoming conference is to discuss political theology (its scope, purposes, approaches, language, etc.) in different traditions and to see how it can contribute to building civil society in Eastern European countries.The purpose of the forthcoming conference is to reflect on suffering from a theological ecumenical perspective, especially in view of the different challenges Christianity is facing today, such as a new wave of persecutions and violence in the Middle Eastern countries, Africa and other parts.On December 5, 2016, the Fondazione per le Scienze Religiose Giovanni xxiii in Bologna will host the kick-off meeting of the European Academy of Religion: a framework for research and the exchange of scholars and scholarship of religious studies from the Mediterranean and Europe.The theology of nature needs to develop a new approach that sees nature as Gods fully-fledged creation, in no respect inferior to the human being and not an object of human manipulation.Our congratulations to Professor Moltmann who is a good friend.New Conference: "Theology of Nature" (9-12 Nov.The roots of todays ecological crisis can be traced back to the arrogant Christian attitude that saw nature mostly in an anthropocentric perspective.New Conference: "Theology of Suffering in Ecumenical Perspective" (26-29 Oct.New Conference: "Religion, Media and Civil Society" (1013 Dec.The role of the media is crucial in resolving (or, on the contrary, exacerbating) conflicts between religion and those freedoms on which civil society is founded.
Alexander, a theologian and gifted writer, first published abroad and then in Russia.
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