Trafficking in Children to Denmark - New report published by Save the Children Denmark Child Centre for Children at Risk in the Baltic Sea Region, full report, next ml accessed 1 February 2011 accessed Very little is known about trafficking in children to Denmark.
Cite this webpage as: Patt, Prof.According to one such lawyer: It's completely wrong if you think that you can solve serious social issues by criminalising them.the plan is going forward despite study results from Norway that raised doubts about the effectiveness of a ban and the general lack of public support for the legislation.Currently, an estimated 6,000 women in prostitution are rengøring lady ønskede i koln in Denmark; 2,000 of them are foreign, and half of that group comes from Eastern Europe, especially from the Baltic states (with a Russian background Russia, and Ukraine.Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (sais The Johns Hopkins University c, last accessed 2009, forms OF trafficking - Women are trafficked to Denmark mainly for the commercial sex industry.This is primarily owing to the fact that trafficking is a clandestine endeavour - particularly when children are involved - and minors are often equipped with false papers indicating they are more than 18 years of age.She accused the national government of closing its eyes to the problems that come with street prostitution.A recent study undertaken by Save the Children Denmark uncovered two primary purposes for which children are trafficked to Denmark: for commercial sexual exploitation and for criminal exploitation, such as pickpocketing and shoplifting.The minister for social affairs, Eva Kjer Hansen, plans to intensify scrutiny of areas where slave labour may exist, particularly prostitution.Just one woman has accepted an offer for help from a humanitarian organisation in her home country.archives putting a stop to human trafficking, the government has implemented a four-year plan to battle human trafficking with a focus on women and children.
There is knowledge of the problems related to trafficking in minors in the individual police jurisdictions and among NGOs that are working on the issue of prostitution.