The zone must be in a partition location 202-261 (toggle zone 1-8/9-16/17-24/25-32 on).
Turn 1 and 5 on for each partition that will report the hatsan escort mps характеристики arming/disarming.
They simulate a phone line, so you just need to programme the system normally with your monitoring station's phone number and the correct account numbers.
The zone type will determine how the zone will work.Once in location 804, enter the 2-digit zone number then the 6-digit ESN (electronic serial number) on the device.If you are only programming the 6 on board zones, just press # when you have programmed the last zone you wish.You can power the GSM with its own transformer and battery or power it from the alarm panel.Option 1: User has access to code programming Option 2: User code will send a duress signal when used Option 3: User has access to bypassing zones Option 4: User can access the Escort 5580 module remotely Option 5/6: Not used Option 7: The bell.When you are at your zone slot, enter the zone type you want to assign disadvantages of marrying a prostitute the wireless zone.Each zone type has set attributes, but you can change them after you assign the zone type.Pressing # will take you back out of the location and into 'programming limbo where you can enter another location.From here, press 98 then the 2-digit user number you wish to programme.You need a zone type location 001-002.Press # at the end of your number.Dialer options Location 350 is the comms format.The zone must be in a partition location 202/261 (toggle zones on).This will delete the code from programming.Location 002 is for zones 17-32.View all zone types, assign the zone to a partition, by default only zones 1-8 are assigned to partition.When you finish all 16 zones in that location, it will leave the location.