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Green area has a low density, blue area has a middle density, and red area has a high density of structure.
In that case light is one mean to orientate in a composite system.
Shows the position of the invisible light source Lighting expanse is related to density and to the street wideness of each quarter.Perspective After our first testing we will be able to specify, whether the mentioned light simulations are useful to test our hypothesis.Experiment set-up, the shown structure is a section of a whole system (Fig.A common alley in Daylight condition.Section shows the perceived form.Light underlines prostitution agadir maroc the spatial constellation (Fig.On the other hand, planning and executing urban lighting is in full progress.Light should not dominate the process of orientation for example by visible light-points.The task will be to access the centre without any knowledge of its figuration and the environmental circumstances.Light and physical spaces disunite themselves.The plane closure lid is colored and point lights continue in a shorten perspective to centre.
Artificial light is able to visualize the constellation of the elements that produce the space.
Background of investigation, due to a lighting installation in the inner space of an old gasometer we were able to specify our research question to the interaction of light and space.