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Its unfortunate, this is double standard, of course, but it is also understandable, because Saudis and the Arab world say: why the hell with Iran to intervene in the Arab world," u", although we don't really have an Arab world, there are so many.
They really come together.And, therefore, there has been no violation of the jcpoa from the Iran side.But I have to also say that Trump administration is the first administration in the last 40 years after Iran's revolution that has offered Iran a comprehensive negotiation toward normalization of relationship.So Iran is in very serious problem, and I think the country is moving bare for sex, lough in the direction of a critical situation towards voksne venner hjemmeside the end of this summer, and a lot can happen.Trump is not a regime-changer, he is not an interventionist.Disable Cookies, i accept.HA: So the problem is this.HA: Well, Iran is going towards radicalism and hardline politics, no question about.Is willing to abide by any new rules.In such situations image can be stored for testing and fixing errors, but we store no information to identify the uploader.The purpose of European empty promises is just to keep Iran in the jcpoa.HA: It certainly is and I don't believe Europeans believe that they can save the deal.SS: A group.S.The problem is,.
SS: So, President Rouhani has recently said that.S.-Iranian tensions are at a maximum.
North Korea is not the model that Iran should follow, Iran is a huge country, it is a very important country, and the idea is,.S.

Hooshang Amirahmadi: Well I don't believe, I never believed that without America Europeans will be any effective and helpful to Iran.
Khamenei ordered was not outside the jcpoa.
So speaking about the sanctions against Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif recently said that Europeans will have to get wet if they want to swim against the tide of the.S.