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Following entry into force of this Treaty, changes in the allocation or distribution of"s resulting from the establishment of or an admission to or a withdrawal from a group of States Parties according to paragraph 3 of this Section shall become effective.
Provisions for the operation of the Open Skies Consultative Commission are set forth in Annex L to this Treaty.
The chief flight representative shall be a national of the observing Party.In the event that the observation dating site for gifte mennesker aircraft is provided by the observing Party, the observed Party shall have the right to have on board the observation aircraft two flight monitors and one interpreter, in addition to one flight monitor for each sensor control station.In the event that the observation aircraft is not registered with the observed Party, at the conclusion of the investigation all wreckage and debris of the observation aircraft and sensors, if found and recovered, shall be returned to the observing Party or to the Party.The observed Party shall have the right to propose changes to the mission plan as a result of any of the following circumstances:.Maria 1,700 kilometres porto santo 1,030 kilometres Romania bucharest-otopeni 900 kilometres timisoara 900 kilometres bacau 900 kilometres The Czech and Slovak Federal Republic praha 600 kilometres bratislava 700 kilometres kosice 400 kilometres The Republic of Turkey eskisehir 1,500 kilometres diyarbakir 1,500 kilometres Ukraine borispol 2,100.This Treaty shall be open for signature by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgistan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and shall be subject to ratification by them.States Parties may raise for consideration in the Open Skies Consultative Commission proposals for the use of the Open Skies regime in additional specific fields, such as the environment.In the event that the observation aircraft is provided by, the observing Party, the observing Party shall have the right to use an observation aircraft equipped with sensors in each sensor category that do not exceed the capability specified in paragraph 2 of this Article.However, the States Parties may then decide to extend the period of provisional application in respect of signatory States that have not ratified this Treaty.Not less than a pair of optical framing cameras.The date and time shall be provided to the nearest minute of Co-ordinated Universal Time.
In the event that it is not possible during the annual review to arrive within three weeks at agreement on the distribution of active"s with respect to a particular State Party, the previous year's distribution of active"s with respect to that State Party.
The State Party developing the original film negative shall be responsible for the quality of processing the original negative film and producing the duplicate positive or negative.

The observing Party shall have the right to conduct a pre-flight inspection of the sensors and associated equipment installed on an observation aircraft provided by the observed Party to confirm that its sensors and associated equipment correspond to those certified in accordance with the provisions.
When designating an aircraft as an observation aircraft pursuant to Article V of this Treaty, each State Party shall inform all other States Parties of the technical information on each sensor installed on such aircraft as provided for in Annex B to this Treaty.