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Thomson: Who was the man from Oregon who was head of the law school there then he switched from Democrat to Republican or vice versa-Wayne Morris.
Thomson: You can't worry about single issues.You don't think I'd be as good as Rush Limbaugh?It got worse because then Carter President Jimmy Carter asked for the windfall profit tax.There wasn't that father that was comfortably ensconced in a nice job.Do you know what it cost when I went to college?People were pouring in here, workers, builders, construction den effektive rente på en obligation med en begrænset løbetid dato people.Thomson: Well, I guess somebody else is going to have to decide what place I played in history.Junge: What was the purpose of that?She was just wonderful fun.Thomson: I always deplore single issue politics because there's no way you can win.This happened in California last March too.But, you know, I knew the Kennedys when he was.S.It was a matter of money.They're not the poor (laughs).Junge: Is he gone now?Thomson: Well, he was shaving to go the office, and all the three little kids were underfoot sitting around Daddy while he was shaving, and Keith said to me over their heads, he said, "You know, I think I'll run for Congress, what do you.Junge: Is that all?
I would expect that that would have rubbed off on voksen frække datoer you and gave you a lot of training.

Junge: I guess what I was driving at was your role as a wife, as his partner, really.