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Bordel where the fuck conj.
My day was a total crapfest J'ai passé une sacrée journée de merde What the fuck?I know the drill.Complete mess, slang / argot in French, less familiar.Je parle de tout ce bordel.Where the fuck are you?English, translation, more meanings for escorted holidays new england usa bordel, find more words!Le, bordel d'Avignon (The Brothel of Avignon a painting that was influenced by Paul Gauguin, whose so-called "primitivism" can be characterized by a pre-renaissance flatness of perspective, a childlike simplicity of forms and boldness of outlines, a rejection of European standards of beauty, putain de bordel de merde pronunciation and.Get off your big, fat, Iardy arse and make like a soldier!More_vert, you made a deal for a fucking 18 million.Wifredo Lam, the Shango priestess, and the Femme Cheval.Lam painted his horse-headed women in a modernist Cubist, Surrealist, and primitivist mode that cannot be fully understood without first mentioning Picasso's Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907 originally titled.Slang / argot : expression d'énervement foutre le bordel.More_vert, you're fucking right I'm going to do something!FrenchEthan, on fait quoi bordel?Well, be careful up there in all that mess.A continuacion del pasaje satirico arriba citado, Burton agrega una linea que atribuye erroneamente a "Louis Prolat "II fuyait, me laissant une capote au cul el autor fue Louis Protat (1819-1881 abogado, miembro de la "Societe du Caveau autor de canciones festivas de tono licencioso.Galère ; bordel ; merdier Slang;Vulg.FrenchJe sais qu'à Chryse tu diras que je t'ai aidée et que tout ce bordel est pas ma faute.I'm talking about this whole mess.Ça va être le bordel!More_vert These damn G-strings are killing me!
En général what the fuck est plus utilisé pour introduire une question : what the fuck is he doing : qu'est'ce qu'il fout.
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