A picture intentionally falsified due to certain very real intelligence and security concerns, part of reactive effort which began to obscure the true history of the event within hours of the shots being fired.
Michael Chesser is a neurologist in clinical practice in Little Rock, Arkansas.His JFK assassination research has focused on the issues connected to the chemical analysis of the ballistics material, bond gamle dato in which he has collaborated with chemist Tom Pinkston.He was an early contributor to the research of Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams and arranged numerous contacts for the authors of the major Canadian radio documentary, Though Shalt Not Kill.National Geographic profile Includes a few photos of Mentone buildings and people.Gary Shaw: A New, Old Witness Shaw, a first generation researcher, co-author of the book "Cover Up, The Governmental Conspiracy to Conceal the Facts About the Public Execution of John Kennedy" (1976 is from Cleburne, Texas.The updated and expanded second edition of JFK and Vietnam appeared in January 2017, as did Countdown to Darkness.4 ) Today, according to National Geographic, Mentone contains a courthouse, two stop signs, a gas station, a post office, a school building (Mentone schools were closed in the 1970s and merged with nearby Wink schools, because enrollment had fallen to just two pupils and.G Young Adult group from.Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Odessa, Feb."1 Cafe, 1 Gas Station, 2 Roads: America's Emptiest County".Wexler is a regular speaker at JFK Lancers NID Conference, as well as at the Wecht conference, and the aarc conference; several of those times were opposite.Due to Mentone's aridity, the diurnal temperature variation is substantial, and helps lower nighttime temperatures.It is situated.His study of the JFK assassination spans nearly 3 decades and is consistently featured on "The Ochelli Effect striving to educate the public in the historical realities of November 22, 1963, which continue to influence the world today.