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(subscription required) a b c Tulloch Jenkins (1995) :.15 The government on the planet had collapsed, and the sisters were forced to scavenge for food while avoiding rape gangs.She never saw Ishara again; the latter joined the "Coalition one of the factions on the planet before Tasha left.She was born on the planet Turkana IV in 2337.( TNG : " Encounter at Farpoint " Legacy She joined security because of the lawless environment in which she grew.15) Denise Crosby once commented, " They originally envisioned Tasha as more butch.( TNG : " Yesterday's Enterprise Sela, the daughter of Tasha Yar from an alternate leder du efter en kvinde, for 3 timeline.She is petite, blue-eyed, freckle-faced".She is amongst the crew abducted by Q ( John de Lancie and later serves on the away team to Farpoint Station.Kirk in Star Trek Generations.Later, Yar took part in several away teams which investigated Farpoint Station and the living station's mate, which returned to seek vengeance against the Bandi for imprisoning the other creature.33-34 Sherwin, Jenny (June 1, 2009).Crusher tried to revive her but she was too badly injured, as the life had been "drained" from her.Star Trek' will cross into new frontiers with 'Voyager.
4 By the time that the writers' and directors' guide for the series was published, dated March 23, 1987, the character was named Natasha "Tasha" Yar.

Enterprise crew, and an alternate version of Tasha indirectly played a very important role.