Shadows Awakening : The Shadowkhan tribe that Jade learns to create is composed entirely of kunoichi (female ninja).
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Mad Max: Fury Road has the Vuvalini.Fan Works The Replica Elite from Aeon Natum Engel, although their femininity is only skin-deep; they act no different from fear 's male Replica Elite.It's all part of his Golden Path for humanity.In Sound of the Sky, the Helvetian Army fields all-female tank crews, the main characters being the 1121st tank platoon.They're staying in the camp because they had been evicted from their monastery after Diablo's minions took over and mind-controlled half their numbers, whom you fight throughout Act I, and who are also all female.So, when one of their members starts essex lokale råd getting serious with a boy, they aren't pleased.This Chinese militia, armed with BFSs.They've teamed up a lot with the male protagonists but there are male-less Old Town stories out there.Fire Emblem Fates : In a rare not Pegasus Knight army example, the Nohr side has Camilla and her two subordinates, Beruka and Selena.Ironically, isis themselves made use of this with the Al-Khansaa Brigades, an all-female morality police employed to patrol the capital of Raqqa.Leto II justifies this trope when he forms the Fish-Speakers in God-Emperor of Dune : he believes their maternal instinct will prevent them from succumbing to bloodlust or quests for power, and they're a temporary army since they're all about him, so they'll lack.The Crystal Gems, central to the story, is a trio that are experienced fighters of superhuman capability- the titular character Steven being the only male Gem due gratis dating websted, uden at det koster belgien to being a Half-Human Hybrid.The Discworld novel Monstrous Regiment features a squad consisting entirely of Sweet Polly Olivers.There were three all-female combat Soviet Air Force units in World War II, which together flew a total of 30,000 combat sorties, produced 30 Heroes of the Soviet Union (the første date bil highest honour available) and 2 fighter aces (the only recorded female aces in history).The Amazons in Wonder Woman, natch.The Longwing dragon captains in the Temeraire series could be a sort of Amazon Brigade Longwings almost exclusively select female captains (it is implied that on occasion one will accept a male grudgingly, but none have been shown yet).Their armed forces are all-female, and the best-equipped the protagonists have to face after the final defeat of the last Federal remnants.Naturally, they should never be underestimated, for they can and will kick your ass, potentially easily.The three female pilots on the Martian Successor Nadesico worked as an Amazon Brigade (Amazon Flight, really) before joining the crew, and usually act as a unit while Akito or Akatsuki are off doing their own thing during the series.The basic rules seems to be that if somebody has a pair of breasts and is reasonably intelligent, she can probably kick your ass.Eastside Los Angeles has an all-female group of bikers called the Ovarian Psycos.
This is the config for the starting Clothes you get from the first inn keeper.