soliciting a prostitution charge texas

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Many people are under the impression that officers cannot lie to you, or believe there must be an actual sex act to face prostitution charges in, texas.Skilled, knowledgeable and experienced Houston sex crimes lawyer Neal Davis and his legal team stand ready to help you.Possible penalties are up to one year in jail, and/or a fine of up to 4,000.It does not state that the sexual conduct has to have actually occurred.If a trial does occur, we can fight for your acquittal.Now, first-time defendants charged with soliciting prostitution are being treated as harshly as criminals with multiple offenses.Speak to a, houston sex crimes defense attorney if you have been charged with soliciting a prostitute.Prostitution laws in the, texas, penal Code clearly state that offering or agreeing to sexual conduct for a fee is a crime.A case can be filed against you merely for discussing an exchange of money for sex even if you never intended on acting.Simply asking for sexual contact from a person who you believe to be a prostitute is a crime in itself under Texas law.Our goal when someone is charged with solicitation or prostitution is to not only avoid prison or straight probation but to work out an outcome that will allow for an expunction later on down the road so the criminal record is destroyed in its entirety.Penalties for Soliciting Prostitution in Texas When police officers catch a person soliciting prostitution, it is typically the client that police charge.On the other hand, the crime is a class A misdemeanor if you had one prior conviction for soliciting prostitution.Recent public hysteria over sex trafficking has prompted prosecutors to shift their focus from prostitutes themselves to their customers, clients or "johns.".Having a criminal record can hamper your job prospects throughout your life.Neal Davis Law Firm.What is solicitation of prostitution in, texas?Prostitution arrests are not just made on the roadside.The more you know about the laws regarding prostitution in, texas, the better you can protect yourself from prosecution for this crime.The best thing a defendant can do for his/herself when facing arrest for soliciting prostitution is to retain an experienced Houston defense lawyer.