There was one outstanding warrant for the latter charge, according to information provided to the Reporter-Telegram.
Other agencies assisting with Operation Gauntlet included Texas Department of Public Safety, Andrews Police Department, Abilene Police Department, FBI,.S.
Odessa police Deputy Chief Lou Orras.
Those charged come from "all walks of life Orras said.Female officers also went under cover acting as prostitutes using certain websites to solicit sex.It's going to be a high-profile thing all over the news, you know, that kind of thing.".The other arrests from the 15-day operation were.The Associated Press, odessa, Texas, more than 60 people were arrested this week on charges related to a prostitution ring in sex, dating og forhold this West, texas city.The couple used a Web site to promote the ring, according to the court documents, which were posted on the Chronicle's Web site.16 to March 3 and included local, state and federal agencies.Police told the newspaper that money laundering charges are likely to follow after the investigation concludes.According to court documents in the case, the ring said to be run by Deborah and Charles Turbiville had a client list 1,000 strong.They responded to 6,095 incoming messages from 330 unique phone numbers during that part of the operation, according to the press release.(CNN) - A Houston, Texas, couple is facing felony charges in connection with what authorities allege was an upscale prostitution ring that screened clients before charging them hundreds of dollars a session.Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department, said, "The undercover officer posed as someone that was interested in engaging in sexual activity and pretending that he was interested in a prostitute.The documents say Deborah Turbiville told an undercover officer that it consisted of "medical doctors, lawyers, financial services stockbrokers and that kind of stuff.Cash and credit cards were accepted, the documents say, with the credit cards processed through PayPal, an Internet-based payment system.Harold Thomas said authorities chose the park's community center for the booking site because it was close to the Ector County Detention Center.At the couple's home, they seized both the couple's cars - a Chevrolet Tahoe and a Lexus - as well as more than 8,600 in cash, silver bars and coins, gold coins, computers and cell phones, among other items, the documents say, while the search.We know this is an issue.The newspaper said the couple, who have two small children, declined comment when contacted at their home Tuesday.Children who have electronic devices, who can access the internet, need to be monitored closely, he said.The prostitution operation called Operation Gauntlet used online advertisement postings, texting and phone calls during three phases.But a website ultimately brought the suspects down.

He encourages parents to be vigilant with their kids online activities.