It is for you, who watch the soldiers go That we recount the story that all must know, Of the service of escort rs turbo s2 for sale uk your faithful band, Who take up the fight in Afghan sand.
Only once we are all back in Hounslow will we be able to reflect on the successes and also the darker moments of the tour.The first six weeks did not yield a single contact, a result of the de facto ceasefire set up by local farmers and observed by the Taliban in order to allow the opium harvest to be conducted without interference.Tunnels to the surface were excavated along with steps and this was the last thing some of the poor souls saw before breaking out of the dark of the tunnels into the light on the surface and being shot dead.I cannot remember, at any time, whereby we have had under one roof so many of the Regiment (32 in all) and in conjunction with our excellent Association Band, they brought a lot to the party with their rendering of that famous piece of music.Commanding Officers Introduction, generally Helmand has been fairly quiet over the last few weeks due to Ramadan.All members of the Mayors party made a speech and at several points they were very rousing.Looking to the future all those members of the regiment, past and present, who are interested in preserving their heritage should seriously think about supporting the Friends.In Lancashire and only in Lancashire the Loyal Toast is:- THE queen, duke OF lancaster.Minden Day was celebrated and followed by a memorable weekend in Bury for the Gathering great to catch up with old faces.In the event, the Op was far more successful than had been anticipated.Yes Sir right away was the reply.The spoil from the hole had been deposited over a large area.A Friends group has reformed to reflect the new museum.

Its still Lancashire from the Mersey in Stockport to the Yorkshire border to the east and Lancashire all the way up the coast to Barrow, except for a small break near Grange.